Randy Colosky

Randy Colosky

​In the 30 plus years I have been an artist, my goal consistently was to make a living at what I was passionate about. During the time I was building my art practice I worked as a chef, in ceramic manufacturing, I worked in film production creating sets and props, and finally in the building trades where I am still a licensed contractor in California. All of these occupations offered me opportunities to become proficient in a spectrum of skills both analogue and digital as well as knowledge about many of the materials that shape the world we inhabit. 
The visual language of my work is formal, material and process based. I strive to set up a visual polarity of what is familiar and unfamiliar as a way to engage the viewer about time passing and the continuous state of change in nature both on a human and geologic timescale.
My intent is to create approachable works that have layer of visual data that can unfold for the viewer over time. I look for ways to transform universal concepts from nature, technology and history into a formal geometric language of shape, color, pattern and form. This kind of work invites the viewer to bring their own experience and imagination to the viewing experience. To me the audience completes the works. Space itself is an object architecturally and my works are design in collaboration with the areas they art placed. Public spaces, museums, galleries, open fields, window spaces, all have attributes that can be capitalized on esthetically as avenues to create exuberant disruptions in the landscape. As we move closer to our personal technology I want to offer opportunities for people to momentarily step out of their routine, engage in the present moment and contemplate the physicality of the world.

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